Survival Of The Richest 2​.​0: Super Crazy HD Edition+

by Karhu

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Lekiwi Ihsahn meets Opeth meets Sylosis? Aggressive. Intricate. Groovy. My only gripe is that the gritty clean vocals - which are quite pronounced - occasionally dominate the music and clash with the instrumentation. That being said, the clean vocalist is very talented. Strangely, the album features quite a bit of hard rock, especially in the last two tracks. I recommend starting with track #7. Featured on my promotional list: Favorite track: The Dream.
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released May 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Karhu UK

With vocals influenced by Randy Blythe / Sebastian Bach, guitar riffs influenced by the likes of Opeth / Stam1na and drumming with the same infectious power as Rage Against The Machine, Karhu are a blend of powerful vocals and punchy riffs fronting a groove infested machine of destruction. Enjoy. ... more

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Track Name: Reality 2.0
The malevolent species will pave the way for the machines,
The day of reckoning comprised of foes within ourselves,
Reality augmented with the placeholder of hope,
The substitute of living flesh takes control,

It will be done,
Creators struck down,
7 days of retribution,

It will be done,
Creators struck down,
To carve the way for,
7 days of retribution,
Track Name: B-Vera
So you think that it's ok to deny it,
As helpful as the truth may seem to you,

The truth is always there,
Etched to the fabric of time,
No more mistaken lines,
For the rest shall not be written,

I am the prophet whom struck his words into stone,
The ink of your words struggle to sink in the paper,
I see the imitations bleeding out their lies,
Open up your eyes,

Feel the honesty burn,
Harnest the lessons learned,

Stitch up the open seams,
To contain my shattered dreams,

Is this the tale you've heard,
Or just another prophet's words,

You'd think that you could influence other peoples lives.
That is false.

For every time you try to smooth someone to the direction of your will,

The person in question will turn to stone ignoring everything you've ever taught him.

You can evade the face of reality (for as long as you need),

But I'll forever hunt your name (on the plaques of the dead),
Track Name: KERpaser
The reflection lies;
A faint shadow on the wall,
It's not what it seems,
Gone as quickly as it came,

Some say that a picture tells more than a thousand words, that isn't true,
It's the words that paint the picture,

Like an artist he crafts his masterpiece; Your life just an illusion,

Don't lay your doubt on me,
I am not the one,

For all the things that we've done,
And all the things we've lost along the way,

Don't start your life,
At the end of mine,

For I can still feel,
The warmth of salvation's arms,

Around me,
Around me,
Track Name: Survival Of The Richest
For one, for all, let us raise the flag for your martyr,
Now it grows, the water drops,
Have turned into the sea, air, light,
Earthed upon a littered ocean floor,
You know it, You buy it, You own it now,

Just plain, aggression,
No pressure, no future,


As the ink goes dry in your golden jar,
Will you tax our lives a little more if it get's you a new one?

As the plane goes down on your latest holiday,
Will you pray to God to save yourself from hell?

Well Fuck You, we live in hell everyday to line the shit in your bowl, and I say it's time for change!

Fuck You, I won't get a new,
Fuck You, I won't get a new,
Fuck You, I won't get a new,
Fuck You, I won't get a new life,

Fuck Me, I don't have a life,
Fuck Me, I don't have a job,
Fuck Me, I don't have a house,
Fuck Me I don't have a soul,

Will you reach out your hand when the innocent fall?
Will you pave the way to a better life for all?
Will you look out with worried eyes as your palace begins to crumble?
Will you look so great when your money tree corrodes?

The world is ran by fucks like you,
Stupid, Shit, Rich, and Careless,
Fuck us poor in the gutters mouth,
Survival of the fittest?

Survival of the fittest?
Survival of the fittest?

Track Name: Ignorance
It's not what they say that defines you,
The play in your head proves the point,
Necessary precautions,
Needed to compensate,

As the time goes on your reputation among the men will make you legendary again,
Once forgotten, the justice will be served,

Fuck you and simplify your lust for control,
Necessary precautions needed to compensate for your reckless life,

The visions foretell the tale,
Impending doom shall consume whoever is in it's wake,

Heads up it's your life, live it while you still have the time,
Track Name: Lambent
There's a bloom-like haze that obscures your face,
And every time the light fades, you turn away,
Who are you? Why are you watching me?
What do you wanna say?
Track Name: The Dream
I am, the one,
From your, nightmares,

I am the one who keeps you close,
I am the one who hold you near,
I am the one who fakes your death,
I am the one who covers truth,

Is this what you call justice?
Is this what we've all been waiting for?
If you say that time has run out for me,
Then how is time ticking out for you?

I guess that I'm the one who breaths from past mistakes,
I guess that they just keep my pain away,
I guess that stone upon my back just made a break,
I guess that time can only tick one way,

The best direction is one away from me,
Cause I don't want the weight upon my back,
Track Name: D-44
This is your grave,
Carved to the stone of your asylum,
The proof of your existence,
Pointless, you may come to see,
The struggle against the will,

Revise your former madness,
For it shall consume you,
Your blast from the past, shattered,

We say no,
To your blasphemy,
Thou will shatter,
In these hands of mine,

Beneath the all seeing eye,
Relentlessly eating away,

They all will say,
Your end is nigh and clear,

They say no,
To your legacy,
Track Name: Isä
I have come for you,
My Precursor, My Legacy,

With rain against my face again,
I ride further from home,
The lanterns fade to the fog below,
The cold stone creates my path,

And just like their ashes,
Solid flesh may turn to bone,
Dirt now precedes the stone,
The mud of their veins,

(Jossain v aiheessa sinun taytyy nukkua,
Olen olemassa vain ohjatakseni sinua,
Jottet tarvitsisi mitaan muuta),

At some point you'll have to sleep,
I exist only to guide you forwards,
So that you wouldn't need anything else,

Broken, I leave my inner self to you,
Bleeding for years through outer wealth,
I offer my inanition and my sin,
For only then can I evolve,
Track Name: Darker Days
Sane applause for the justice bows,
This time we're taking hold,
I'll set the light for your martyr,
And may his flesh burn gold,

Applaud for the justice,

This is the state of desire,
The phantoms of the fire,
We'll make our homes in fear,
For darker days draw near,

We cannot hold on forever,
Keeping what we can't believe,
Open the gates to the fire,
Onwards for we shall not tire,

Fake, write all the lies,
Based on your epitaph,

Is this how you wish to remember your being?

So fake, fakely divine,
I cast the will of your fate,
So sick, sickly designed,
I swipe the earth of your tongue,

We cannot hold on forever,
Keeping what we can't believe,
Open the gates to the fire,
Onwards for we shall not tire,

Life, lighting the darker days,
Breathing the essence of hope,
Leading the darkness away,
In spite of the pain we bare,
Track Name: Feeder
The feeder of broken hope,
The nectar of open dreams,
Descend the shade of man,
For the gods are not alive,
We shall not bow before you,
We shall not take to our knees,
We owe the world a reduction,
So say goodbye,

Sealer, filter,
Healer, melder,

Event, the catch of the century,
The rules that bind us, elementary,
In effect it all falls the same,
Everyone in power feels no pain but gains,
Another soul, another life to capture and hold,
In time the shackles may rust but the lives shall not repair again,

In the ever down of the world,
With terms they've carved to our stone,
There lies the open laws we burn to start again,
And with the height of the mountains,
And with the weight of us all,
We cast a shadow so deep,
It consumes your every scream,

Feeder, the desolate,
The healer of all fear,

Feelings overturn the pressure,
Lighting up the darkness inside,
Over mind descension,
Track Name: Open

Seal me, Feel me,
Because I'm so open,


I come to you,
Asking for love and,
Your acceptance,

I return the light,
Because it consumes everything,
Track Name: Vinette
Would it be justified,
If the world just fell in defeat?
Would it ever be justified,
If the wind blew us all away?

If one man can't make a difference,
Why do people like to follow?
They follow me, they follow you,
They follow everybody else except themselves,

I never said I wanted to lead this race,
I just wanted to see the world for how it is,
You put the time to the side of the limited,
Instead of giving us.... Freedom,