Inject The Infection EP

by Karhu



released August 28, 2011



all rights reserved


Karhu UK

With vocals influenced by Randy Blythe / Sebastian Bach, guitar riffs influenced by the likes of Opeth / Stam1na and drumming with the same infectious power as Rage Against The Machine, Karhu are a blend of powerful vocals and punchy riffs fronting a groove infested machine of destruction. Enjoy. ... more

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Track Name: Winds of Change
Thirst for vengeance, desires pleased,
The honour cry, flood disease,
Legacy fulfilled, I can rest again,
Learn your place, sit down beside me,

Winds of change
The tidal wave
Your sanity
Organic reject

You will go down, for this will is mine,
No regrets, no remorse, ever again,
Track Name: Reality 2.0
The malevolent species will pave the way for the machines,
The day of reckoning comprised of foes within ourselves,
Reality augmented with the placeholder of hope,
The substitute of living flesh takes control,

It will be done,
Creators struck down,
7 days of retribution,

It will be done,
Creators struck down,
To carve the way for,
7 days of retribution,
Track Name: D-44
This is your grave,
Carved to the stone of your asylum,
The proof of your existence,
Pointless, you may come to see,
The struggle against the will,

Revise your former madness,
For it shall consume you,
Your blast from the past, shattered,

We say no,
To your blasphemy,
Thou will shatter,
In these hands of mine,

Beneath the all seeing eye,
Relentlessly eating away,

They all will say,
Your end is nigh and clear,

They say no,
To your legacy,
Track Name: Isä
I have come for you,
My Precursor, My Legacy,

With rain against my face again,
I ride further from home,
The lanterns fade to the fog below,
The cold stone creates my path,

And just like their ashes,
Solid flesh may turn to bone,
Dirt now precedes the stone,
The mud of their veins,

(Jossain v aiheessa sinun taytyy nukkua,
Olen olemassa vain ohjatakseni sinua,
Jottet tarvitsisi mitaan muuta),

At some point you'll have to sleep,
I exist only to guide you forwards,
So that you wouldn't need anything else,

Broken, I leave my inner self to you,
Bleeding for years through outer wealth,
I offer my inanition and my sin,
For only then can I evolve,